Our Mission

logo 1Early Intervention Management Solutions, LLC is a company devoted to providing agencies in the EI community with the highest quality professional consulting service that address their business concerns, strengthen their performance and enhance their ability to service the special needs population.

Our mission is to create solutions to improve our clients’ proficiency in order to conduct their business effectively and in full compliance with EI regulations. We adhere to the values of integrity, excellence and accountability; while we measure our success through our clients’ accomplishments and their continued feedback during as well as upon completion of our service to them.

Compliance Tip of the Month

month"For a child exposed on a consistent basis to a second language in addition to English, a bilingual core evaluation must be conducted in order for the results to be considered valid.

What People Are Saying

  • "Rochelle was instrumental in overseeing the growth of our company…her extensive knowledge of EI Regulations and Best Practice Standards helped us become one of the premier agencies."

    R. M. & S.B.
    Co-Exec Directors
  • "Rochelle is very honest and dependable…she is extremely dedicated to her work…and devotes herself with diligence."

    SC Supervisor
  • "Rochelle has impeccable organization and planning skills…she demonstrates a strong work ethic and always maintains her professionalism."

    ABA Supervisor
  • "If there were ever a new project that would benefit your organization, Rochelle is clearly the person to make that happen."

  • "Rochelle is the consummate professional whose knowledge of the EI field is extremely thorough and comprehensive."

  • "I have been impressed with Rochelle’s resourcefulness and strong grasp of complex-technical management issues."

    SC Director
  • "Rochelle was responsible for expanding a small office into a large center…her knowledge was surpassed only by her organizational and management skills."

    Borough Director